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Been Seeing a Spirit

For conversations and questions about hauntings and spirit visitations. This is not the place to talk about demons. In fact, this whole board isn't the place for it. A Christian site is a better place for that.

Been Seeing a Spirit

Postby stormofwind » Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:44 pm

Around my friend for awhile she lives back east..
I don't know if this spirit is good or bad.. A name came into my mind
Emily. I seen what she looks like a woman from the late 1700's
A green dress.. I don't know why I'm seeing this spirit I see her around my friend.?
Kinda slender dark hair pulled back ringlets dark eyes I don't know blue, black..
She hums alot.. what see.
Been reading about it We have spirits in house though..
our property is not old region nothing was here.
I read some spirits can be attached to people in bad ways at times?
I'm feeling not good about it though.
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