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Basic Spellcrafting

Feel free to copy this information to your Book of Shadows.

How To Create Your Own Spell

Postby wiccangirl188 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:11 pm

Some of these things may be different for you, but I'm going to give you an idea on how I make my spells. I haven't done any rituals, yet, so if anyone could give me some advice on that, that would be great. Anyway, Here are the things I look at:

-moon time
-day of the week
-words (chants)
-how much time it should take to be effective
-what to concentrate on throughout the whole spell (you don't have to do this; it's just the way I cast my spells)
-the possible consequences or side effects of the spell

I also do a certain layout for the spell in my grimoire. For example:
Type of Spell (ex.love, money):______________________
Title of Spell:_______________________________
Moon Time:______________________________
Day of The Week (if moon time doesn't matter):____________________
What To Do:_________________________________
Time To Be Effective:____________________

In order to figure out what you're going to do for the "What To Do" part, think about what your trying to do. For example, if it's a love spell, use a string to bind an object representing you, and an object representing another person, together. You don't have to do this, as it is just an idea. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Spells! and how they work (or not)!

Postby Greek_Male_Witch » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:08 am

Hi, since I can post here, my...umm wisdom lets say, here is is, when a new witch joins this forum, asks for a spell because his/her spell never work! Well if your spells do not work, how you can make my spell (that I give to you work?) it means you do something wrong. Lets take it from the beggining

Here are some steps, I know we have seen it, a lot around here, but you might find something useful in my way.

1)Write your spells, carefully, do not use words you don't know what they mean, spells are about emotions

2)Most of the time impossible isn't possible, so keep it low, do not ask to fly or to freeze time, with spells, it just won't work, although I do believe that faith can do everything

3)Phase of the moon, seems irellevant, even to me, I thought it was annoying to wait for the moon to come to the right phase, but I assure you now, phase of the moon, is important (for more check Witchcraft School)

4)Faith in your spell, if you write a spell, and you keep believing it won't work, then it won't, just let your energy and power work, you can do it, everyone can!

5)Perform your spell in a calm state, if you are angry or dissapointed, its almost sure your spell won't work, or even worse, it will work with wrong outcome!

6)I find it useful to visualize my outcome while performing the spell, just imagine the outcome, how happy you will be! (if the spell is for a specific person, imagine that person doing/receiving what you asked for! and remember NO DARK SPELLS AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE!)

7)Forget it! yes, do the spell, and forget it, like you never done it! magic works better by itself, so any of your thoughts make the spell's energy derive from the original target!

8) JUST SHUT UP! Hahahaha what I mean is, do not call your friends and start saying "Hey I done this spell, and now I'm waiting for that to happen", yeah saying your magic, is a way to ruin it! Although I think you can talk about it when you have results, but if someone is jealous of you, his/her negativity might destroy the outcome.

9) I DON'T HAVE A RED CANDLE! Well the title of this tip is symbolic, you have no red,blue or green candle? easy! use a white one, they work as substitute for the missing color, BUT if you do have access to colorful ones, use the appropriate color (for color associations check Witchcraft School)

10) LOTTERY NUMBERS! Really? well, if it was that easy to be rich, then every witch in the world would be rich! so do not try to cast a spell, so you can win the lottery, you will be dissapointed, Plus Goddess/Universe doesn't like greedy people

11)I NEED MONEY IS THIS GREEDY? No! its a need, cast a money spell, but never ask for more money than what you need, for example, if I need 100$, I will ask for 100$, I should not ask for 1000$ because its greedy, and probably my spell won't work!

Thats all I wanted to say, I'm not a TOP witch, so anyone can add corrections on my post!
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Postby Greek_Male_Witch » Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:23 am

You mean "So mote it be" , well you can use "As I wish it,it should be"
"As I will it, so must it be" generally you can use any phrase you know better, "So mote it be" is a phrase that all know the meaning but few understand the words! so use other words, simpler for you!

I tend to use, "with harm to none,with good for all"

Thanks, those tips, are my knowledge on Witchcraft so, no you won't find them in books (not altogether)
What Goes Around,Comes Around!
You can always see my blog here http://zithiraxbookofshadows.wordpress.com/
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Basic Spellcrafting

Postby Ravencry » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:25 pm

Ever wish that you could write a spell and you think that you can't? Think that way no more, everyone and ANYONE (no matter what religion you follow) can write a working spell! How? Here's how I do it, you may add and take out what you wish,but always make spellwriting and casting personal! A spell should be one's personal, spiritual involvement with the Lord and Lady.

How to write a spell:

Its always nice to have a book with correspondences in it. I used to use The Pocket Spell Creator. It has correspondences for herbs, days, colours, crystals, oils and food! It also has chants for every type of spell that's commonly used. You also might want to explore what things the Gods and Goddesses cover, if you are the type to call on all Gods from all pantheons. If not, research the Gods and Goddesses of the pantheon you feel closest to. If you don't have access to books like that, the internet is always good, and you can cross-reference what herb/crystal/oil does what.

1. What kind of spell do you want to cast?

It's always good to have what kind of spell you want to cast in mind. I think that's a fairly obvious point and I'll leave it at that. ;)

2. What day of the week would it be best cast on, and under what moon phase?

Timing isn't everything, but if you are the type to time your spells to maximize the potential of it happening, find the best day to cast your spell. These are what I usually use:

SUNDAY: Yellow, the Sun and solar deities. It is associated with magic dealing with: authority, divine power, friendships, healing, learning, reason and world leaders.

MONDAY: White, the Moon and lunar deities. It is associated with magic dealing with: cooking, dreams, family, the home, intuition, medicine, spiritual growth and the ocean.
TUESDAY: Red, the planet Mars and the god Tiw. It is associated with magic dealing with: athletics, competitions, conflicts, courage, hunting, legality, logic, physical strength, politics, vitality and war.
WEDNESDAY: Purple, the planet Mercury and the god Woden. It is associated with magic dealing with: communication, divination, education, mystical insight, resourcefulness and self-improvement.
THURSDAY: Blue, the planet Jupiter and the god Thor. It is associated with magic dealing with: dedication, endurance, faithfulness, legal matters, loyalty, luck and money matters.
FRIDAY: Green, the planet Venus and the goddess Frigg. It is associated with magic dealing with: art, fertility, love, music and pleasure.
SATURDAY: Black, the planet and god Saturn. It is associated with magic dealing with: banishing, change, death, motivation, reincarnation, understanding and wills.

The phases of the moon play a part also. I personally believe it to be different aspects of the Goddess looking down upon me, so I try to fit the aspect with the spell I am to do. Maiden for the waxing, Mother for the Full, and Crone for the waning/dark/new moon.

5. What kind of spell will it be?

This basically means will you be making a candle spell, a pouch spell, or just a traditional spell? (by traditional I mean, a candle with a colour that corresponds to the spell, a few loose herbs to burn on the charcoal (which also correspond), and whatever else you would use in a spell)

4. What ingredients will you incorporate?

This is where it becomes tricky, because many sources say different things for herbs and crystals. Find one source that you feel to be right, and stick with it, because many places will tell you different things, like I said.

Once you have a good source, list which herbs have properties that correspond to the spell. Lets say I wanna do a love spell. I would have in my list: Geranium, Rose, Ginger, Coriander, etc.

Once you have the list, begin to cross out which herbs you don'thave. Soon you'll have a list of the herbs that you have, (or crystals, oils, candles, whatever you are going to use in the spell). From this list, pick out a specific number that corresponds to the spell. Say, once again, your doing a love spell. I would only use two herbs, one masculine and one feminine, in the spell. (If you are homosexual, I would choose two herbs of the same gender) For luck, I would use 4, like a 4-leaf clover :D Once you have the list of what you will use (and you have!), you may begin the next step.
5. Writing the chants and calls

If you are one to cast circles, you can write your own personal callings to them, asking them to lend their power. If you are creating a spell for love, then you can ask fire to bring desire, water to bring true love, air to keep your head steady, and earth to ground you. If not, thats fine too. Remember, this is your spell. Make it yours!

Rhyming. I know that a lot of people have a hard time with it, but I use rhymezone.com's rhyming dictionary :D So I have a rhyme for everything :D If there is no rhyme that makes sense, its fine. Rhyming is not needed for a spell. The only reason most do, is that A) the chant is easier to remember, and B) rhymes just roll off your tongue and sound nice when spoken a loud. This, according to many, appeals to the Gods and Goddesses. You may rhyme or not. It is wholly your choice.

But one thing to be sure to do is to say EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Try not to be vague. Try to give as many details as you can. This avoids the spell going wrong, or backfiring.

6. Crafting the spell

Now that you have the list, you can start planning out the details. What will you do first in the spell, call the deity that you are working with, or will you light the candle first? Let's say (here I go saying it again) you are crafting the love spell. You have geranium and you have basil. (female and male respectively) You have 2 red candles. And you have a bowl of water. You have chosen Aphrodite and Eros to call upon. First, I would call to Aphrodite, then I would light the candle, then call to Eros, and light the other candle.

This is where symbolism comes into play, also. You can draw a heart around the candles with the herbs, and slowly bring the candles closer together, as you bring your lover closer. Remember this: Symbolism helps you work the spell strong. Why? Because in our minds, we already have symbols set for certain things and feelings. An eye for psychic power, a heart for love, a dollar bill for money. Once you start working your mind by bringing up these symbols, you start working the spell before you even start casting it.

7. The final draft of the spell! *FINALLY!!*

Now that you have all the details, now is to write it out and fix anything that you see that doesn't seem to fit. This is what my spell would look like (and yes, if you want to copy this is your BoS, feel free ;P)

The Heart of Aphrodite spell

You will need:
2 red candles
dried red rose petals
dried basil
1 red ribbon

Timing: Best cast on a Friday, 1 week before the Full Moon (even better if the moon is Full on Friday!)

1. Cast the circle.
2. Light the first candle, saying:
Aphrodite, hear my call,
head over heels I wish to fall!
3. Light the other candle, saying:
Eros, Lord of love divine,
Bring a lover true and fine!
4. Sprinkle the herbs in a heart around the two candles. Leave them to burn for 15 minutes.
5. After 15 minutes, move the candles 2in apart from each other. Now say:
Closer, closer, my lover moves to me,
Apdrodite, Eros, hear my plea.
6. Wait 10 minutes, while waiting, see your lover (not anyone specific, but a shadowed figure) coming to you, and loving you how you wish them to love you. See them being faithful and truthful.
7. After visualizing, move the candles together all the way and say,
Goddess and God of adulation,
Bring me a lover of divine creation!
So mote it be!
8. Let the candles burn down. After they have burned down, take all of the wax and herbs and bundle them together in red cloth, and tie it with the red ribbon. Bury outside your front door.

I know that its pretty vague, I will be adding better details later, if needed. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to post!
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Re: Basic Spellcrafting

Postby Starwitch » Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:43 pm

Here is a link to the witchcraft correspondences on my site:

That includes colors, crystals/gemstones, daily and hourly correspondences, and also moon phase information with a calendar that tells you what phase we're currently in.
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