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An awakening(?) that scared me badly, multidimension

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An awakening(?) that scared me badly, multidimension

Postby shelupine » Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:19 pm

Yesterday I was sitting in the car with my partner when something truly terrible revealed itself to me. All week I had been doing very major work, clearing negative energy and debris and working full time on my knowledge of self. I must've done a good job. Now, I already knew that most people are deeply asleep. But I never saw the affects of it until last night. They where like mechanic ants, following a scent that they thought was their own, but really they where conditioned to think just that. Unless you have gone through this I don't know if I could explain this very well. Knowing and witnessing/experiencing this is very different. It scared the living sh*t outta me, I froze even and it took me a minute to switch from horrified to awed. It was amazing to see what people aren't very aware of, how conditioned they truly are! After being awed I was hit with an incredibly strong sense of being "out of the matrix " I felt I was there but I wasn't really there at once. I realized that I had gained a multidimensional perception and I still feel it . Time stood still, as if it does not exist. For me, it is still that way. A huge space has opened within and without, as if I literally am floating or living in space. I'm feeling energy course through my chakras and body. Sexual essence is also on an all time high, coursing through my chakras as well, and traveling to my face, making me blush and ending in my crown chakra. It's making me feel like a goddess hehe. I feel my third eye like never before, like it's moving as if it opened an inch or two, funny enough my actual eyes burn and hurt and the day before all of this I experienced very painful headaches and pulsing in my third eye, to the point of cringing and crying out. I don't know hat is happening to me. Is it a kundalini awaking? A full blown third eye opening?? I don't know and I'd like some advice please can someone help me figure out what's going on! Thanks
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Re: An awakening(?) that scared the sh*t outta me, multidime

Postby corvidus » Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:49 pm

It is kundalini. I experienced a similar state of being when mine fired up. It feels like sexual essence because our physical sex energy is an adaptation of the kundalini energy.

There's more in store for you if you keep practicing, more opening up and more awakening. But if you stop your meditation practices you'll have time to adjust to the new frequency of Being.

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