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Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

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Postby Avalon Ravenmoon » Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:11 am

Everyday Magic

Everyday magic, to me, is magic that is "mundane", or the mundane in the "magic". It's things we do everyday with just a touch of magic. Sometimes they end up having more powerful results than ritual or other types of magic, because we are able to put in equal parts "above and below" that is, equal parts mundane and magic. By walking with one step in each realm day-to-day, a certain kind of balance is achieved.

In my mind, a witch is someone who knows magic is real, who intuitively feels it all around and uses it, sometimes even unconsciously. The witch intuitively understands "as above, so below". They feel the power of coincidences they manifested. They see the threads that tie everything together in the great web, and the acknowledge that they can weave their will into it. They know the importance of personal alchemy and the power of the mind, of ritual.
In my case, I feel that working with nature's cycles is a powerful way of living the craft. A huge part of working with the cycle is accepting it as a whole. It sounds far-off to some, but the craft can help one realize their purpose, and it can also help them see the sacred in what's already there - in the mundane.

Anyway, that was my little rant on magic of the everyday. Now for how to work with it. A lot of these are small things, but for me, they've actually made a huge difference. Doing everyday magic put joy, purpose, and of course magic! in to so many things in my life that previously just felt like burdens (I used to be really annoyed by housework/cleaning, now I kind of look forward to it tbh).

Cleansing and Cleaning
When cleaning the self or your space, whether it be at home, work, or a local park, take this opportunity to focus your magic on clearing away baneful energies. This is one of the simplest ways to do magic because we often do some sort of cleaning on a daily basis (whether we're showering, decluttering, whatever).
    ~You can shower in the elements. In the past I have visualized each of the elements raining down on me in the shower and using each of their unique attributes to rid of psychic garbage.
    ~You can clean in circle/ritual. All the while thinking of all the harm you are clearing away and the abundance you are inviting in instead.
    ~If you are washing something (dishes, tabletops and other surfaces, windows, walls, mirrors, etc) not only can you use a homemade blend of water, lemon and an essential oil or two (make sure to research which ones are safe for your surface), but you can wash thrice widdershins thinking "I banish all harmful energies" and wash thrice deosil thinking "and invite blessings" or use "positive/negative energies" if you prefer. I do this all the time when I'm washing dishes or anything else (I often don't use a special blend by the way and it still works great)
    ~Sometimes before I clean I will light a candle (or several) and consider the act of cleaning a symbol of my devotion to living a life of magic, of constant transformation and growth, of not giving up. In the past I've been so ill and depressed I went days without showering or cleaning - I made no effort to do anything. I'd just cry and debate whether or not I was going to kill myself. I didn't even feel worthy of cleaning, of knowing beauty or joy or anything remotely close to human. Now when I do anything that shows my gratitude for life I consider it an example of my growth on my path.

Daily Prayer
For some pagans this one sort of goes without saying. I have always enjoyed prayer. It's comforting and formal feeling to light a candle at the altar before a daily prayer, and I do it often. However, I don't think it's entirely necessary to pray to have to communicate with deity. I have always felt that I am in constant communication with deity throughout the day, whenever I think to myself, I am almost always thinking of deity as well. I have just always felt and heard Spirit.That in itself is magical to me. However, if I want to put more energy into it, I will go to my altar and do what I think of as a formal or ritual prayer. Usually as an everyday prayer, it is more an act of thanking and/or honouring Spirit rather than communicating back-and-forth or anything else.

Sprinkling Magic into Everyday Activities
    ~I'll admit to casting circle in my kitchen with a fork. A spoon would have been nicer, but I was using a fork to stir my pot at the time. Before cooking I will light a candle too. Like cleaning, I will stir widdershins to banish negativity from my cooking and deosil to invoke blessings. I don't have a lot of herbs, but the ones I do have I will use with intention in my cooking (even if that just means three sprinkles of salt for protection). I use numerology as well (usually tossing it in by threes) and drawing runes or other symbols over top.
    ~Making a protection amulet for the door and stating an intention/prayer to be protected throughout the day once you leave the house can be really effective. I sort of visualize it like the doorway has a film of something like a bubble on it and once I pass through it envelopes me like a certain....balloon of protection, if you will. :lol: Sounds ridiculous, but it works like a charm. :surprisedwitch:

Simple Visualizations for Everyday Situations
    ~In the mornings or before doing something that may tend to be emotionally draining/stressing for you (like maybe social interactions for my fellow anxious witches?), boost your witches shield (visualize it strengthening and affirm in your head) or try "zipping yourself up" like your in a giant zip up hoodie. There's so many visualizations for protection and they can be as simple or elaborate as you please.
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Postby Avalon Ravenmoon » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:51 pm

Nature's Cycles and the Wheel
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Postby Avalon Ravenmoon » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:40 pm

Spell and Ritualcrafting

This post will be on how I go about crafting spells and rituals.

1. PURPOSE ~ Determine purpose of the spell or ritual. If it's a spell, what is the goal? If it is a ritual, is it a ritual of celebration? Honouring? Thanksgiving? To mark endings/beginnings of lifestyles, habits, etc.? If you are having a difficult time focusing on a specific intention, consult god/goddess/guides, or use divination to help clarify your desire.

2. TIMING ~ Consider when might be a good time to perform the rite. Check your calendar or datebook. If you want to do a spell for abundance, consider whether you want to perform it as the moon waxes or when it is full, or if you want to do it on a Thursday or a Friday (depending on your associations - I associate Thursday with Thor, Jupiter, vigilance, stability/security, health, and it's also my payday.
But perhaps Friday is when I feel more "abundant"). There may be a Sabbat or other sort of special day coming up that would be a perfect time to do a spell for abundance. Sometimes, goddess chooses the time for me, or the right timing comes to me in some other form (divination).

3. PLANNING ~ Now is the juicy part.

Firstly, consider why you need to the spell or ritual. Yes you decided your focus, but why do you need this? If you are doing a spell for abundance, there's likely a lack of abundance. Why is this? And what have you done to fight it? Maybe you've done everything you can, but there's some kind of blockage. This is where divination and/or talking to deity/guides or meditating can help. You may need to try a spell to remove the blockage before you can do a spell to manifest this new thing in your life. It's a lot more helpful if you know what the blockage is. There's also road-opener spells that you may find useful.

Secondly, if it's a spell, what kind of spell is it going to be? Are you going to use candle magic, a sachet, poppet, witches' bottle/jar, a chanting spell, a simple visualization done in circle? Are you going to do a petition? When I'm planning the type of spell I want to do, I always think of what I already have that corresponds with my goal. If I don't really have anything that I feel corresponds, I might just write a chant for circle, create a sigil, and/or do a simple candle spell. There's a rune or pre-existing symbol for just about any goal, but if there isn't there's always the art of sigilcraft!

Planning a ritual can take a little more effort, because if I am writing a specific ritual I want it to be special. Specially crafted so that I get the most out of it. I will plan Sabbat and Esbat rituals by re-researching the sabbat/esbat, journaling about what it means to me and thinking about how it correlates to my life in this turn of the wheel, and then considering what it is about the sabbat I wish to invoke. Then considering if I want to write a circlecasting, quarter calls, extra chants or invocations especially for just this ritual, and what other specific acts I might want to perform in ritual (if not a spell, a meditation, a prayer, maybe just writing or painting)

4. PREPARATION ~ This stage can be simple or complex. It gets complicated if there are many things you wish to incorporate. Take for example an extravagant Samhain ritual with the works - decorations, spells for the heart of the ritual, divination for the year ahead, homemade libations, etc. If it's a little candle spell, there may not be much more preparation than digging the candle out of a drawer and doing a grounding/centering exercise before beginning.

5. COMPLETION and MAGICAL RECORD KEEPING ~ Finally, you get to do the thing. But that's not all. After you've cast the spell or performed the ritual, record it. I don't always care about writing down the planning process for my spells or rituals. I will often do all the defining purpose and planning stuff in my head, maybe only writing down the spell itself (assuming it's a chant or something). But I do think it's important to write down when you've done a spell. It's been so helpful because I am very forgetful and while I might remember doing a spell for something and how it felt in circle, I might remember some of the wording I used for an invocation, but I won't be able to recall the nitty gritty details. Also if I'm doing a lot of magic in a short amount of time, my memory gets muddled, so going back to my binder I can see everything I've done recently and even just glancing at the titles reminds me. This may not be necessary for everyone, but I'm the type of person who will make "mini-spells" for one big spell, as in I will do a banishing poverty spell during a waning moon and then an abundance spell on the full moon and they will be part of the same overall working. Doing spells this way has been effective for me, but it does make it difficult to remember what was done when and how and why without magical record keeping. Also, it's nice to see a catalogue of my personal craft history.

Later I will add my spell and ritual checklists that I use for planning and how I record my spells and rituals when I have completed them.
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Postby Avalon Ravenmoon » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:37 am

Past Lives and Animals

When it comes to the afterlife, I don't claim to have everything all figured out. I've had experiences that I would consider to be "paranormal" as in seeing/speaking/feeling those who have passed on - and I don't doubt others who say they've had such experiences. This is because as a pagan witch who does cross the hedge from time to time, I understand what it's like to have an experience with a non-physical entity.
I also know that despite this, there is no way to actually prove these personal experiences. I am open to them being true beings, as well manifestations of aspects of the psyche. I don't think those things are mutually exclusive either.

That being said, I haven't actively done any sort of past-life work or past-life regression. I did however have a past-life "experience" recently, and now that I think of it, as a child I had many more past-life memories that I later chalked up to a result of the collective unconscious coming through.

In any case, my past-life memories I've had in adulthood came through during a lower realm meditation to connect with a power animal. In going through the roots of the world tree and into the earth, I found myself in the womb, and then coming out of the womb or the cold earth as a couple different beings. One was four-legged, I believe to be a white tiger. The other was a woman in the colonial era.

After that I had some encounters with various animals guides that were quite different experiences than when I was the tiger.

I was curious after the meditation and decided to use my pendulum to get some answers, because I feel it is the best divination tool for clear-cut questions and answers. I asked it if I was a white tiger in a past life, and it said yes. I then asked if some of the other animals I saw were my power animals, it told me no they were not my power animals but different guides. So my journey to learn my power animal continues.

I don't know where I was going with this entry, just felt like documenting my experiences on this topic, and I also felt like sharing the tip about the pendulum! If you're reading this, and you aren't sure about your past-life or spirit guides, try divination! I'm glad I recently got a pendulum, because I know I wouldn't have gotten as clear answers with my tarot or oracle decks. So use whatever divination tool is clearest and most accurate for you to help decipher meditations, past life ones or otherwise. So nifty! :flyingwitch:
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