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Are you doing anything witchy?

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Re: Are you doing anything witchy?

Postby T'a Nuk » Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:50 pm

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Re: Are you doing anything witchy?

Postby L.J.Hex » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:30 pm

I have been so busy with other things I haven't got much time for anything witchy since the full moon. I did a lot of stuff that night which so far seems to be working nicely to my surprise. I did take more care about casting my circle, I'm starting to get a hang of it as I haven't done it so thoroughly before.

And today I got a reason to do witchy stuff. Some stupid ass neighbour had sent me a little letter, SENT it, not just put it to my mailbox, whining about my "wind chime" which in fact is a Japanese charm with a tiny little bell on it. To my ears it sounds just nice, but to this mofo, its horrible ear rape apparently. The person was nice enough to write me a letter with a goddamned map on how far he or she can hear the bell, but not kind enough to tell his/her name or to talk to me personally. I bet these old, nosy golden ears around here don't even dare to speak to me because of my looks. I bet every person around here knows where the long haired punk with a wolf and a pentagram necklace lives. :lol:

I know I'm not very much loved in this area as its almost like a small village bit away from everything else in town and people here know each other. I know no-one besides my neighbours who live in the same house and I don't care to. But I tend to get nasty looks around here.

I have no doubt that who ever wrote that letter did it with rather negative thoughts in mind so I did little something to get rid of the annoying nosy who-ever-the-hell-it-is. Nothing bad, I don't use spells to harm anyone, just to get this persons eyes off me. And I took the charm inside. I'm thinking about replacing it with BIG and visible branch pentagram, bit like the one I made for my bedroom. I wonder what the nosy golden ears thinks of that. :evilwitch:

Pentagram is so nice, it repels idiots by design and I was already thinking about hanging one outside my door, now I have all the more reason to do so. Wind chime make noise, pentagram is silently staring at all nosy old hags who live around here, they'll get what they call for. :twisted:
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