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Any advice on this?

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Any advice on this?

Postby MoonChild11 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:17 pm

This is a really weird story, I seem to be one of the only people who understands what is going on partly because I saw it and partly because I have my own weird bond.
I have been working for my boss for over two years now. When I first started working for her she was in a shared office and one of the guys who worked there seemed to be really close to her. I always assumed that they knew each other from college or something like that because it was a friendship that seemed to have a very deep bond. At the time I wasn't sure if she was married or not and if it was more than just a friendship. He would just come into our office and start an hour long conversation with random questions like do you believe in soulmates, what are you eating, how's your team doing and they would just talk for hours some days. To the point the office manager yelled at both of them.
Fast forward a year and they were super close. I got to know my boss and figured she was married and eventually realized that they had met in the office right around when I started working for her to my surprise. Things started to get a little weird when he would go out of his way to ignore her and she would get sad. Then at random he would walk in and start talking to her like nothing was wrong and they were best friends. It was like a cycle, he'd get super close to her, then ignore her, push her away, be angry at her and start all over again. Even when she was really hurt by his actions as soon as he spoke to her it would all be gone in a flash and they were both totally normal. By this point I dind't exist either, he went out of his way to ignore me too.
Eventually she sat down and told me what was going on, she felt some type of bond to him and that's when it started to make sense to me, that's what I had seen. This bond only seemed to get crazier as time went on. He told her she broke his heart (mind you, she's married and he has a girlfriend) and when she tried to talk to him about it he acted like he had no idea what she was talking about. At that point it wasn't just weird but you could feel resentment and anger aimed directly at her from him. Like we would be standing by the conference room, he would walk in see her and the anger would just rush over us. He started slamming doors, walking into rooms backwards to avoid looking at her and then peaking into our office any time he got a chance, asking other people about her. So she tried once again to approach him and just talk it out, he accused her of being crazy and usntable. Things got nastier on his side, she would stay as far away as she could but then he would try to come and search for her, talk to her and even ask me after a year of acting like I didn't exist what she was doing or not doing. Ironically she knew exactly when he wanted her attention or when he spoke to me. She would just look at me and say "he wants my atttention today".
Some days before he even walked into the office I could see her mood change out of no where, I could see her face getting red, getting red lines on her collar bones, forehead or just bursting into tears while completely in confusion. She tried to do a past life regression but that didn't seem accurate at all the person told her that he didn't even think about her. His actions on the other hand were always extreme so it didn't seem like he was indifferent to her at all. Like slamming the door within 60 seconds of her walking in on days he was angry at her. It just seemed like a karmic bond or some sort of past life bond that she was dealing with. I am not sure that they are soulmates or why he was brought into her life and I've been trying to figure it out for over a year and a half ago.
Any time she approached him he would lash out but then when soemething was going on her personal life he would come back and be super nice to the point that I would sit there in shock. The interactions where what you would expect between two people who were really close but it was like he was in denial. I could feel any time he was angry and it was very much pointed at my boss and ONLY at her. It's almost like he feels it too but deliberately ignores it. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and tried to send him a message, he flipped out and made this whole disaster telling everyone so we moved to another office. She still feels him and his anger, she feels like he's mad that she left. He didn't ask her to even though the accusations he made would of seemed like a reason for him to ask that she leave. She is now having livid dreams and episodes where she either bursts into tears or laughter out of no where. I know this isn't her because I see the signs, her face turning red or her utter confusion even as she cries and tries to stop but can't. She is completely emotionally drained and it really concerns me to see her like this.
I wish there was some way I could help her but I just don't know what to do. It seems like she has tried anything and everything and even went into therapy. That not only didn't help but even the therapist doesn't know what to do. Nothing is helping so I figured I would ask to see if anyone has any advice or has any idea what could be going on here since he refuses to talk to her and that is the only thing she hasn't done.
Is there anyone else that has experienced a situation close to this? Is there any way to help her get rid of this bond or at least his feelings? How can I help her find some peace?
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Re: Any advice on this?

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:51 pm

IMO the chances are they simply energetically spark off each other rather than it being a past life feed back. Anything that balances energy may be helpful, like alternate black/white stones in the boss's office to help protect her, small mirrors to deflect, placing a glass of water as a shield between them when talking (pour it down the drain later) & practicing shields-up, wearing a hematite ring or pendant. His anger suggests he may be sucking up energy to fuel himself ... Hard to guess 2nd handed. He sounds needy & may use the hot & cold with or without realizing it as an flow-control. Sounds like he does use it deliberately & toxically.
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