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Anxiety and Depression

Discuss mental health issues, including suicidal thoughts, here.

Re: Anxiety and Depression

Postby cherrypie » Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:30 am

:mrgreen: and isn't it quite telling that there is a techical term for illness caused by docs/meds? It's iatrogenic.

It is utterly important NOT to believe everything your doc is saying. Keep yourself informed (but don't exagerrate it and: don't google it!!! ...there is also a term for this: cyberchondriac) and listen to your inner voice more often.

And most of all: keep on laughing, about all and everything, it is worth it! (and if you don't feel like it, fake it till you make it!)

Okay, THAT was the last thing from me about this. Mouth shut now.
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