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Another dream

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Another dream

Postby Littleone3 » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:21 pm

Another odd dream I had, and would love some insight.

I was downtown getting a reading in a place that had the triple moon goddess, three woman’s heads at the top of the store.
I went in and asked a question but it got denied. I don’t remember the questions I asked just that the first one I did got “denied”.

I asked another question and it came back with a box. In the box was a twine women figure holding moonstone gem and almost looked pregnant? The box had a ton of strawberries in it for some reason. And the only card I remember seeing is one with two moons on it. A man with a wolf came up to me and pointed at it but said nothing. I remember saying idk what that means and he just pointed again and I woke up.

Lots of moon imagery and that in this dream.

Thanks! :surprisedwitch:
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Re: Another dream

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:42 am

Lots of triple goddess of the moon symbols starting with the 3-heads of Hekete, followed by preggo mother (as maid,mother,crone) followed by twine (hmm) & moonstone, & 2-Moon's card. What else was in the card? He pointed at it like saying " look again" .

The 1st impression was denied: could mean "denial" that state of mind that refuses to look at something & accept it.

Strawberries symbolize purity, summer, & indicate Withchcraft

I'm word-associating twine goddess figure: string, strings attached, connections to connections.

Look again at your understanding of the moon goddess in witchcraft. Go deeper. Hekete & the triple moon goddess are the same being.
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_ ... eopaganism)
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