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A Pinch of This & A Dash of That BOS

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

Re: A Pinch of This & A Dash of That BOS

Postby Alura Noel » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:44 pm


The Glossary of Divination Terms

Aeromancy: Divination by atmospheric conditions. The different forms of this are Austromancy, Ceraunoscopy, Chaomancy, and Meteormancy.
Ailuromancy: Divination from cats
Alectryomancy: Form of augury, the divination of the eating patterns of chickens.
Aleuromancy: Divination using slips of paper baked into dough balls, Fortune Cookies.
Alphitomancy: Using cakes made of wheat or barley flour.
Antinopomancy: Using the entrails of women and children.
Arachnomancy: Augury: divination from the appearance and behavior of spiders.
Arithomancy: Another name for numerology, or numeromancy. Belief that numbers influence our personalities and lives.
Astragalomancy: Sortiledge using the bones of sheep.
Astrology: Using stars and planets and signs of the zodiac.
Augury: Divination based on the appearance and bahavior of animals.
Austromancy: Form of aeromancy, divination using the wind.
Axinomancy: Divination using saws.
Belomancy: Divination by arrows (sortiledge)
Bibliomancy: Sortiledge divination from books, includes rhapsodomancy, and also called stichomancy.
Botanomancy: Form of pyromancy- burning leaves and branches.
Capnomancy: Divination by smoke (pyromancy)
Carromancy: Using modern playing cards.
Catoptromancy: Mirror gazing divination
Catoxtromancy: Looking glasses
Cattabomancy: Vessels made of metal.
Causinomancy: Objects cast into fire.
Cephalomancy: Augury using the divination from the skull or head of a donkey or goat.
Ceraunoscopy: Thunder and lightning (aeromancy)
Ceromancy: Melted Wax
Chaomancy: Aerial visions
Chartomancy: writing papers
Chirognomy: Palm reading, also: Chirology, chiromancy, and palmistry.
Clairaudience: Hearing the future ahead of time.
Clairvoyance: Seeing the future ahead of time.
Cleidomancy: Form of radiesthesia, using a suspended key
Cleromancy: Another name for sortilege
Coscinomancy: Suspended sieve (Radiesthesia)
Crithomancy: Markings in freshly baked bread
Cromniomancy: Divination using onions
Crystallomancy: Scrying into a crystal ball
Dactylomancy: Radiesthesia using suspended ring.
Demonomancy: Suggestions from demons
Daphnomancy: burning laurel leaves
Dowsing: Method of divination to find lost things, or locate unknown things, under the Earth.
Entomomancy: Behavior and appearance of insects
Gastromancy: sounds of the belly
Geomancy: Using the earth, rocks, or sand.
Graphology: Determining person's character by handwriting.
Gyromancy: divination by rounds or circles.
Halomancy: Casting salt into a fire
Haruspicy: Divination using the entrails of animals, one form is hepatoscopy, sometimes considered part of augury.
Hepatoscopy: Divination using the liver.
Hippomancy: Divination from horses (not hippos! haha)
Hydromancy: Scrying into water, Pegomancy.
I Ching: Ancient Chinese text
Ichthyomancy: Shape and entrails of fish
Idolomancy: Divination using idols, images, or figures
Lampadomancy: Using an oil lamp flame or torch flame.
Lecanomancy: Using a basin of water
Lithomancy: Using precious stones
Livanomancy: Burning frankincense
Logarithmancy: Divination by logarithms.
Lychnomancy: Flames of three wax candles
Macharomancy: Knives and swords
Metagnomy: Seeing future events in a hypnotic trance.
Meteormancy: aeromancy, using shooting stars and meteors.
Metoscopy: Lines on the forehead
Moleoscopy: Moles on the body.
Molybdomancy: Molten tin or lead
Myomancy: Color and movement of mice
Necromancy: Asking the dead to answer questions; ouija board
Numerology: Determining personality and lives with numbers.
Numeromancy: Same as above
Oenomancy: Augury: Patterns make by wine
Oinomancy: Divination by wine
Omphilomancy: Divination by the navel
Oneiromancy: Using dreams
Onomatomancy: Using Names
Onychomancy: Using nails
Ophiomancy: Augury using color and movement of snakes.
Oriental Astrology: based on a 12 year cycle, involving 12 animals, but is not based on the movement of the stars or planets.
Ornithomancy: Flight of birds patterns
Palmistry: Using the palm of the hand
Pegomancy: Form of hydromancy using a sacred pool or spring.
Pessomancy: Sortilege divination by using marked pebbles drawing out of a bag or casting them, also called psephomancy
Phyllorhodomancy: Rose petals
Phrenology: bumps on the head
Physiognomy: Facial features
Podomancy: Using the feet
Psephomancy: Sortilege using cast or drawn pebbles
Precognition: inner paranormal knowledge of the future
Psychomancy: divination by men's souls, affections, wills, religious or moral dispositions.
Psychometry: about a specific person usually holding an object that was theirs.
Pyromancy: Divination using fire
Pyroscopy: Burning a sheet of paper on a white surface and examining the resulting stains.
Radiesthesia: Using a pendulum, and can be used in dowsing
Rhapsodomancy: Form of bibliomancy from a book of poetry
Roadomancy: By the stars
Runes: Symbols of an ancient alphabet used for divination
Scapulomancy: Augury: patterns or cracks and fissures on the burned shoulder blade of an animal
Sciomancy: Divination by the shadows
Scrying: gazing onto a reflective surface
Sideromancy: Form of pyromancy in this case the divination is by casting an odd number of straws onto iron brought into red heat in a fire and reading the patterns formed by the straws, their movements, and the nature of the flames or smoke
Sortilege: Divination by casting or drawing of lots
Spatalamancy: Using skin bone or excrement
Stareomancy: Using the elements
Sternomancy: Divination using the line from the breast to the belly.
Stichomancy: Sortilege using books
Sycomancy: Using figs
Tasseography: Using tea leaves
Tephromancy: Patterns formed in the ashes of burnt offerings left to the Gods
Theomancy: Pretending to divine by the revelation of the words of God
Theriomancy: By beasts
Tuphramancy: By ashes
Tyromancy: Divination from cheese
Zoomancy: Augury using the appearance and behavior of any animal
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Re: A Pinch of This & A Dash of That BOS

Postby Kassandra » Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:21 pm


Nice info. :fairy:

:fairy: bling ~ Have a magical day, now ~

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Re: A Pinch of This & A Dash of That BOS

Postby Alura Noel » Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:48 pm


I am so glad you posted that info of Divination! I wouldn't have found it otherwise if you hadn't. I remember reading somewhere how someone did a twist on pyromancy. They would ask yes or no questions, and if the whole paper burned it was a yes and if only some of it burned then it was a no.

I really enjoy reading all of your posts. They are very informational and organized nicely. I think I got the most kicks out of this one. The spaghetti bit was funny as heck.

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Re: A Pinch of This & A Dash of That BOS

Postby Alura Noel » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:16 am

I found most of these at walkingthehedge.net

Chants, Prayers, Poems Invocations and Evocations

Oak logs will warm you well
That are old and dry.
Logs of pine will sweetly smell,
But the sparks will fly.

Birch logs will burn too fast,
Chestnut scarce at all:
Hawthorn logs are good to last–
Cut them in the fall.

Holly logs will burn like wax,
You may burn them green;
Elm logs like smoldering flax,
No flame to be seen.

Beech logs for winter time,
Yew logs as well;
Green elder logs it is a crime
For any man to sell.

Pear logs and apple logs,
They will scent your room;
Cherry logs across the dogs
Smell like flower of broom.

Ash logs, smooth and grey,
Burn them green or old,
Buy up all that come your way,
Worth their weight in gold.

–Traditional Verse

Persephone, I Pray to Thee
With your light
you guide my way
through the quiet dark
I call for your might,
for your power I pray
to see me as it's mark
O Persephone of Night
I call you if I may
for on this journey
I'll now embark
Persephone, I pray to thee
Persephone, I pray to thee
Persephone, I pray to thee

Cleansing Chant
I wrote this myself when I was in the shower … feeling the need for peace and love. I grabbed my hibiscus shower gel and proceeded to wash while chanting the first thing that came to my mind, which was :
I wash myself
in the waters of the earth
I cleanse myself
with the tears of the Goddess
I rinse away
I glow in the light
of the Divine
I find it really helps me, I feel refreshed after. After when I'm rinsing off the soap, I close my eyes and visualize a black inky kind of stuff coming off me and going down the drain. I do this until my body is clean and I visualize it glowing.

Self-Protection Chant
Let this circle surround me
a pink and white glow
safe and protected I’ll be
from all the dangers I know
although this circle I can’t see
I feel it’s energy flow
swirls like ocean waves are free
so inside it, negative can’t go

Cathbad Mighty Druid
Cathbad, mighty Druid
Who once taught heroes and advised kings
Wise Druid who was betrayed
And turned away from political power
Who broke the fetters of tradition
And wandered the wilderness as a Hedge Druid
Returning only to help his people and save his land
We (I) call to you here and ask for guidance
Lead the ancestors to this place and stand guard with them
Inspire and enlighten us (me) with your presence
Hail Cathbad the Druid!

The Stag King Cometh
Stag King!
Lord of the grove
God of the good green Earth
Beneath my feet
Hear my call
And answer me
With heart in hand
And soul on sleeve
I call to thee
Come to me!
Come to me!
Join me here in this place
This sacred space
By well and rock
In green grove
Of cedar and larch
Aspen and rowan
Elder and rose
Oh great god
I call to thee
Come to me!
Come to me!
I hear the rustling of the leaves
The chorus of bird song
The wind picks ups
And then dies again
I feel it in the Land
Rushing towards me
Sending shockwaves through my bones
The wild god!
He comes!
He comes!
With cloven foot he comes to me
The whole world shivers
With each sacred foot step
I tremble with terror and desire
Nipples harden and strain
Against the soft fabric of my dress
The lover!
He comes!
He comes!
The air is filled with a kind of thunder
I shake and shiver in anticipation
Quaking like the leaves on the trees
That surround me
Crowned seven times
With seven tines
He towers over me
The lord of the woods!
He has come!
He has come!
Silent as snowfall
He gazes at me with the eyes of a hunter
It is not until the wetness runs from my face
Onto my hands
Do I realize that I weep
Oh Herne!
He has come!
He has come!
Pale flesh
And white hide
Dark antlers
And deep eyes
The Lord has come
The hunter!
He is here!
He is here!
With the breath of new spring
And the promise of winter’s death
He blesses me
I bow before him
Afraid to speak
There is no need
He sees into the heart of me
Oh great god!
He is here!
He is here!
Spring is the season of planting
It is when the sap starts flowing
And soon everything is growing
The brook melts and starts babbling
I can hear the sound of a hatchling
And momma bird is chirping
The birds fly over me singing
Young men walk down the street grinning
And young women watch them blushing
All the snow is done melting
Now the sidewalk needs sweeping
But first I will do some sitting
Under the trees that are budding
And do a little day dreaming

Bee Charm
A swarm of bees in May
Is worth a load of hay.
A swarm of bees in June
Is worth a silver spoon.
A swarm of bees in July
Is not worth a fly.

Winter Poem
When winters chill begins to bite
in a cold and dark snowy night
before you give your hearth a light
Poor an offering of mead and do it right
Take the kids out in the snow
Show them the ways it glows
Drag the kids out in the night
Make them dance in the moonlight

Greenman Farewell
We honor the Greenman,
lord of oaks and birches
Who speaks to the druids,
Pagans and witches
We gathered here,
‘round the Green God’s feet
Where warming Earth
Makes Summer Sweet
Greenman we thank you
For blessing our rite
And dancing in ritual
With us tonight!

We Honor the Greenman
We honor the Greenman,
Who stands for the trees
Who speaks to the people
Who do as they please
We are the ones
With respect for the woods
Respect for old trees
And the land where they’ve stood
We gather here
‘round the Green God’s feet
Where budding flowers
Make spring air sweet
He who once guarded
Druids’ ancient groves
We welcome you here,
To make this your home
Greenman dance with us,
Here in our grove!

Unity Chant
As One we Circle and stand together
For the species of the World Tree are many
Real Witch or not, it doesn’t matter
As one we Circle and stand together
For the species of the World Tree are many
Real Witch or not, it doesn’t matter

Although my feet
Have never walked
Upon ancestral lands
And I’ve never heard
The winds sing a song
Across the Motherland
Though I have never
Laid my own hands
Upon a standing stone
I will sing the old song
I will honor the old gods
I will learn the old ways
And make them new again
For a man or woman
Who is without roots
Finds it all too easy
To cut down another’s tree
And so I will connect
With this New World
I will love, I will learn
This, my dear land
New ways for me to make
Like forefathers of old
New paths for me to blaze
New stories to be told
I will sing the old songs
I will honor the old gods
I will learn the old ways
And make them new again

Danu Evocation
We (I) call to you Danu, Mother
Ancestress of the gods
Source of life, foundation of the Earth
As old and wise as rock and stone
The Old One of the Mound is your Lover
We (I) invoke you, mother of the gods
Giver of life, lady of the land
Come so we (I) can sing your praises
Hail to Danu!
We thank you Danu, Mother
Ancestress of the gods
Giver of life, lady of the land
We were happy to sing your praises
Hail and farewell Danu!

We Call to You Cernnunos
We (I) call to you Cernnunos, Horned One
Master of the Art Magickal
Antlered God, Lord of the wild
As old and wise as the mighty forests
God who walks the pathways to the Underworld
We (I) invoke you, king of witches
God of sacrifice and death, god of life and rebirth
Come and dance and leap with us (me)
Hail to Cernnunos!
We thank you Cernnunos, Horned One
Antlered God, Lord of the wild
God of sacrifice and death, god of life and rebirth
We were blessed to have you dance with us this rite
Hail and farewell Cernnunos!
(inspired by the Carmina Gadelica and Homer)

Ode to the Crooked Path

Please don’t pave the crooked path
That isn’t what it’s for
And all who wish to travel it
May find their feet quite sore
But in the end you’ll see them grin
At stories they have written
And in their smiles you’ll see the miles
They’ve walked with dazzling rhythm

You shouldn’t pave the crooked path
That isn’t what it’s for
And if this question you would ask
Please walk right out the door
For all those weaves along the way
Have given their lives depth
Something you can’t understand
As you struggle with each step

This path just isn’t one for you
With you they’d never fit in
And if you wonder why they smile…

They’re content with the lives they’ve liven

The Crooked Path
Alone I walk the crooked path
A heavy basket upon my back
Through moonlit groves to home at last
Guided by dimming stars above my head
Through the valley and around the bend
With eager eyes do I see the gate ahead
Behind me lays the farmer’s hedge
Beyond the hill does my cottage stand
Away from village lights and prying eyes
I work a craft they cannot understand
My garden beckons while my dog does growl
Heavy basket goes into potting shed
Herbs to be hung with morning light
It is the stew pot that I seek tonight
Dog gets fed and cow is checked
I lay me down upon a lonely bed
I dare to dream of a village-life lived
With a family and a loving husband
But the life I lead is a road for one
In a creaking home blasted with cold drafts
Alone I walk the crooked path

Ancestors of blood and bone and spirit!
Ancestors of blood and bone and spirit!
Ancient wise ones hear our plea
we welcome thee, we invite thee
Come and join us in peace and love and joy
to share knowledge
to receive offerings
To celebrate here this day!

Along the Crooked Path
Along the crooked path we walk
Harmonizing with birdsong as we talk
We wander along a sun-dappled path
Through forests’ edge to meadows ahead
Summer’s sweet kiss gives warmth to the land
My steps now guided by a nice young lad
His lass bore a child before they wed
This the town folk would not understand
Beside my cottage now a cabin stands
He says he wants to be a conjure man
The garden blossoms as our family grows
All the herbs have been hung and dried
Horse and cow in the barn by the shed
I shall tell the children a story tonight
As they tuck into bed with the moonrise
I steal away and into the night
My heart and hands reach up high
I sing a song of sorrow and joy
Though my hearth now brims with love
The craft I work is still a road for one
Along the crooked path I walk

A Crafter’s Evocation
May the Winds of intellect enlighten me
May the Fires of passion fuel me
May the Waters of creativity fill me
May the foundations of the Earth ground me
May I be blessed with Brighid’s inspiration
May I be blessed with Frigga’s industriousness
May I be blessed with Vesta’s practicality
May I be blessed with Arachnia’s skill
May all these things flow within me
Through my hands
And into that which I create
With those hands
So mote it be

A Hedgewitches Poem
Tangled weeds
and hawthorn grow
Through the gap in old hedgerow
leading to a dark green grove
With courage in the face of death
step bravely through thinning Veil
Sure of foot and strong of breath
Find wisdom there beyond the pale
Give and take with careful hand
Be honest but of watchful eye
When meeting spirits of the land
do not think they cannot lie
The delicate dance of Nature
a balance of wrong and right
The many worlds are made here
in the Dark and of the Light
Take lightly not the witches charm
Steady hand and eye of steel
For to heal is to harm
and to harm is to heal
Ancient flame on modern hearth
Seeking near forgotten lore
Gleaning secrets from the earth
Witches ladder above the door
Walk along the shadowed paths
that few before are said to tread
Journey to find elusive truths
Honor now the ancestral dead
Tumbled stone
and blackthorn grow
Through the gap in green hedgerow
leading to a hearth of old
by Juniper

I Stand Beneath the Bile Tree
I stand beneath
the Bile tree
the Sun climbs down
in blazing gold
It touches upon a warming Earth
which keeps the Sun’s power
in the great green boughs
of forest groves, acorns
and small brown seeds
in Danu’s green bower
Oh Bile tree
its digging root
through moss is led
to cool dark bed
and river’s course
to Earth’s dark source
which bears the spark
of Summer’s birth
and forest groves, acorns
and small brown seeds
The Sun climbs down
the Bile tree
and I stand beneath
Dancing into the Unknown
I dance here in the present
Rushing into the future
Leaving the past behind
Always in the moment
I choose to believe in magick
The journey is my destination
The destination is my journey
What is the point of asking why?
Answers only lead to more questions
I choose mystery
The questions are the answers
And the answers are the questions
I don’t want to know all the answers
Nothing is for sure
This is the only certainty
I have no need to reason the world away
I choose to believe
Because I want to believe
I can question my reality
Or I can live it
It is not perfect
I do not wish it to be
If I am but part of a greater whole
Playing at being me
Then I choose to play
And not weep or worry
I dance here in the present
Rushing into the future
Leaving the past behind
Always in the moment

A Wildcrafting Chant
This I gather with a grateful heart
For the Earth I will do my part
Thank you plant for giving this gift
In your honor my voice I lift
~ Juniper

Evocation of the Flower Maiden
Not from mortal mother or father was she created
Her body was made and blooded
By the powers of nine most sacred
From the first of fruits
From the fruits of creation
Of highland primroses
Of woodland blossoms
Of earth and fertile soils
Of the flower of nettles
Of ninth wave waters
She is immortal
She was conjured
By enchantments of sage and bard
By the Druid of Briton
Of Eurwys, of Euron
Of Euron, of Modron
Magick greater than five hundred druids
Mighty and wise as Math
Made the Flower Maiden
Forged in the fires of creation
Made by the Magician of magicians
Made by the Sage of sages
When the world was in its youth
(By Juniper, inspired by the Cad Goddeu)

Belfire Blessing (Danu & Bile)
Danu! Great Mother, Queen of the Earth
Bile! Shining One, patron of Beltaine
We bless these fires in your honor
And in honor of the coming Summer
Beltaine fires be blessed!

A Meal Prayer of Thanksgiving
We give thanks to
The soil, the Land, the Earth
We give thanks to
The Light, the warmth, the Sun
We give thanks to
The rains, the wells, the Waters
We give thanks to
The bees, the bugs, the worms
We give thanks to
The plants, the herbs, the trees
We give thanks to
The animals, the birds, the fishes
We give thanks to
The ranchers, the pickers, the farmers
We give thanks for
The fruits, the vegetables, the grains
We give thanks for
The meat, the dairy, the eggs
We give thanks for
The sweat, the toil, the sacrifice
We give thanks for
The fertility, the abundance, the sustenance
We give thanks for
Thirst quenched, hunger sated, and life continued
We give thanks!

Lord of the Gates
Mighty Horned God of the forest green
Who walks the threshold of the unseen
Lord of the Gates, King of the Hunt
Who walks the pathways of the Sun
Sage, Archer, Stag and Father
Lord of Sun-lit woods, Master of the Art
We ask that you guard the Gates this rite

Hecate Evocation
(based upon the work of Orpheus)
We call out to Hecate of the crossroads
Beautiful and lovely
Of Earth, Sea and Sky
Saffron robed Goddess
Who walks amongst the Dead
Daughter of Titans
Who rejoices in the company of animals
Dark Lady of the Night
Irresistible One
Unbridled Woman
Unconquerable Queen
Who holds the key to the many Worlds
Whose coming is announced by the howls of beasts
She who guides and protects
Mountain roaming midwife
Hecate we entreat you
Be present in our rite
Come with joy and kindness
Hecate we call to you
Come and be seated in this throne
Accept our gifts and share this feast

Summer Queen
We honor the Summer Queen,
Maiden no longer
Who brings berries and fruit
and makes the days stronger
We gathered to witness
you pledge your troth
Where bud and blossom
promise Summer’s growth
Summer Queen we thank you
for blessing our Beltaine rite
And dancing through the Belfires
with us tonight

Lugh Invocation
We call upon you
Lugh of the long arm
Champion and leader of battle
God of many crafts and talents
There is nothing you cannot achieve
Lord of the first harvest
We invoke you, mighty Lugh
Slayer of Balor, light of the Sun
Come and hear the tales of you victories
Hail to Lugh!
We thank you Lugh, of the long arm
High king of summer
Patron of the arts
We thank you for celebrating your victories with us
Hail and farewell Lugh!

Morrigan Invocation
We call to you Morrigan, Great Queen
Mistress of death and rebirth
Guardian of the Veils
And decider of victories
You maintain the balance of life and death
And guide us to rebirth
We invoke you great sorceress
Watchful raven, steadfast mare
Come and feast on our offerings in your name
Hail to the Morrigan!
We thank you Morrigan, Phantom Queen
Guardian of the Veils
And decider of victories
We were honored by your presence at our feast
Hail and farewell Morrigan!

Charge of Mother Earth
Hear now the words of the Earth Mother, who of old was called Gaia, Jörð, Demeter, Danu and by many other names:

“Whenever ye have need of the bounty of the Earth, when ye mark the seasons, and when ye plant crops and bring in the harvest; then shall ye assemble in some green place, and adore the spirit of Me, who am Mother of all the Earth.

“There ye shall assemble, ye who seek to learn the Mysteries of Nature, but have not yet won its deepest secrets; to ye will I teach all things that are as yet unknown.

“I am She who has given thee self-awareness so that ye can comprehend your place on Earth; and in gratitude for this gift, and others, ye shall be given the duty of caretakers of the Land.

And ye shall be free as all My creatures are free; and as a sign that ye be truly free, you shall have the choice to be as naked as My other creatures in your rites; and ye shall dance, sing, feast, reap and sow, make music and love, all in gratitude for the gifts of the Earth. For My body is the land, My blood the rivers and seas and My breath is the wind. Also Mine is the cycle of life and death and the turning of the seasons; and My law is love unto all creatures and green things.

“Step lightly and with love when you walk upon the land; strive ever towards a greater understanding of Nature, learn to feel the heartbeat of the land, let not the modern world take you from your place among the creatures of the Earth. For Mine is the garden path, which leads to the Mysteries of the Nature, and Mine is the rule of the Middleworld, and My womb is the Cauldron of Creation, from which all living things are from and return to. I am the Earth Mother, who gives the gift of life to all creatures and who rules over death and decay.

“In life, I give the gift of the flesh that houses the spirit and the gifts of breath and sustenance, also I give the knowledge of the spirit of the land to those who seek it; and in death, I take back the flesh and make it one with Me again and it will nourish the Earth, and I will give thee new flesh when your soul is again ready for life.
“I give these gifts, and more, with perfect love and perfect trust, nor do I demand sacrifice. Yet, remember I love best those who give as they receive; and to love Me is to pour your love upon the land.

“I am the gentle shelter of the forest, and the snow covered mountains standing against the sky, and the Mystery of the meadows and the feel of mud between bare toes.

“Call out with thy soul, arise, and awaken to Me. For I am the soul of Nature, who gives life to the Earth. From Me all things good and green proceed, and unto Me all things must return, to decay and then be remade; and upon My body, beloved of plants, animals and of mankind, let thine innermost divine self be enfolded, in the rapture of being one with Nature.

“Let my worship be found within the wild heart that honors Nature, for behold, all acts of reverence and respect for Nature are My rituals, just as when the land is tilled, when the harvest is reaped, and the felling of a tree are my rituals. Therefore, let there be love for the land, respect, honor and humility, compassion and reverence within you.

“And thou who thinketh to know Me, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not, unless thou knoweth this Mystery; that what you seek is already part of thee, as thou has always been a part of Me. For the cycles and seasons of your life are part of the greater rhythm of the Earth.

“For behold, I am the land beneath your feet, the water that you drink, the wind that blows in the trees and the flesh of the plants and animals that you eat. I am the blood in your veins and the marrow of your bones. I am the Earth, your Mother, your home; you could not be without Me.”

~ Written by Juniper 2008, inspirited by the goddess of the land. This article may be reproduced, without changes and with author’s name. No changes, or money, may be made.
Inspired by Doreen Valiente’s original Charge of the Goddess

Lady at the Cross Roads
Lady at the Cross Roads
Raven in flight, owl at night
Lady of Secrets, Queen of Witches
Who walks the trackways of the Moon
Cunning, Ancient and Wise One
Lady of Mystery, Mistress of the Craft
We ask that you guard the Crossroads this rite

Greenman at Beltaine
Like antlers, do twist the forests branches
and sprouts make patterns upon the fields
He is thought of by all plants!
The birds eat the first berries of the season
and trees awaken to a warm and gentle rain
He rises with the sap!
The hedges are thick with May blossom
as the wildwoods honor its leaf-covered King
He is crowned with the leaves of the oak!
The trees are rattling as though ready for battle
guarding the grove where the Earth waits for Her lover
He burns with desire!
The land is eager for Summer’s warmth
Brown and green Earth touched by golden kiss
He shines with the sun!

Dancing with the Horned God
As above, so below
Cernunnos at my right hand
Herne at my left
A goat foot god
Lights the fire within
And so I dance the frenzied dance
In an imperfect circle formed in trance
I spin like a top
I blaze like the sun
I wheel as the stars above my head
Dizzy, thirsty, hungry, horny
Ah, my twisted love
What agony and ecstasy you bring
That if ever snatched away from me
I should never want to breathe again
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