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Alternative Element Systems

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Re: Alternative Element Systems

Postby moonlass » Thu May 17, 2018 1:50 pm

T'ani-L'ai wrote:Kinetic Energy! I think that's a brilliant idea. I wonder if there are any who weave properties of mathematics and physics into their own craft in such a way?

Yeah, chocolate and coffee should totally be elements. They do sustain life for many! :lol:
Physicist here: look into the four fundamental forces of physics- electromagnetic, strong force, week force, and gravitational force.
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Re: Alternative Element Systems

Postby GhostRider » Thu May 17, 2018 5:42 pm

I've always had trouble deciding if gravity is an intrinsic force of our Space-Time dimension or a force from outside the 11 strings and time that some have posited. If intrinsic, it could "seem" weak because of everything having it's own amount of gravity. In any direction you have, call it, an infinity of mass with the closest object pulling in one direction. That would create a gravitational matrix that the object "floats" in and adheres to the closest object if set to rest or gaining the motion through Space-Time of whatever released the object, be it a human letting go of an item on the ISS or a star being flung away from a Black Hole when one star of a Binary Star System is sucked into the gravity well of the Black Hole. If there was not something of this sort I wouldn't test my muscles against the earth by picking something up.
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