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Altars & Must-haves for a witch?

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Altars & Must-haves for a witch?

Postby goth-kid555 » Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:02 am

what should my alter contian and what are the must have things for witches?h

Postby Sercee » Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:56 am

Must haves depend on you, your needs and your situation.

My altar has (and I'm still adding): an athame, candles, salt dish/censer, crystal water dish, incense stick holder, sage smudge bundle, my BoS and my crystals. I've chosen to get my stuff a bit at a time so I can get things that call to me or are particularly neat or hard to find rather than the funky overpriced dagger in the local curio shoppe.
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Postby Addalaide » Fri Nov 17, 2006 3:32 pm

The most simple things i have are, salt, candles, plates, chalis, athame.

I agree, dont go out and get eveything at once. I think i only payed for 10% of all my stuff.( and yeah i have acumulated alot of stuff resently )

My athame came from my fiancée we where at a flea market and i saw it and fell in love with it so he bought it for me.My aunt gave me my salt, she got it a while ago and said she new she whould need it for something, but didnt know what tell she found it and gave it to me.Candles, i buy myself usually tea lights, mini candles? The plates/bowls i have came from differnt places, my mom and my fiancée bought me most.

I also have alot of stones, me and my fiancée found alot of them, but mostly i will go somewhere and look at them and sometimes one just pops right out and you just feel like you have to get it.

And, at least for me, i feel like i need to change my alter evey once in a while. I was very fine with haveing something that represented all the directions, tell a week or so ago when something happend, and i felt like i need to put alot of pictures of my my fiancée and our familys up on it.

Here is a picture of my old alter, its pretty simple if you take away a lot of the stuff i have around it.

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Re: altars

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:42 pm

"What should my alter contain and what are the must have things for witches?"

There is no standard one size fits all witch kit - just preferences & guidelines to get the job done.

A Wiccan altar would most likely have symbols of the Goddess & God plus Nature's elements land, sea & sky, and fire being of the gods. The standard ritual tools symbolize goddess or god by their womb or phalic shape & the elements as - air-wand, fire-blade, water-chalice, earth-pentacle. We can choose not to use a tool. There is no rule that an altar must copy the Ceremonialist's grand style or that gear must come from a new-age store. Many witches make their own tools & repurpose household dishes. How you decorate is up to you.

Start-up Gear: Heat-safe incense/fire bowl, candle holders, libation cup/dish = air, fire, water, earth
Start-up Supplies: Incense - candles & sweet oil - libation/water - herbs & salt = air, fire, water, earth

Useful stones: all-purpose Quartz, healing red Jasper & protective Hematite. The white-red-black colors correspond to the maid-mother-crone Moon Goddess. Natural spell stones have a single band around them representing the circle & 3-realms.

Useful Plants
. Basil - protection in spirit-travel, aids psychism, prosperity, romance
. Cinnamon - aids spirituality & psychism, boosts success
. Rosemary - use as purifying incense; for protection; as tea after trance aids recall
. Sage - use as incense to clear cross-currents & banish spirits
. Thyme - used as tea, aids Fae "Sight"
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