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An altar question.

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An altar question.

Postby Balor's Eye » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:36 pm

Can you still do some spells without having an altar?
Because I still havent gotten my altar and Ive been really hesitant in trying to do any spells because of that. :( :?

Also im kind of confused with the altar setup; I know im supposed to have two candles/statues/pictures of the godess and god, but how bout the other stuff?
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Postby kuotetsu » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:14 pm

Yes you can still work on a spell even if without altar, the main reason why some pagans prefer to have an altar because it aids them to focus their energy to a certain spell. Basically, altar projects the energies of the spell caster and directs it.

Your altar formation depends on you, just try to feel what feels right for you...
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Postby [SnowRaven] » Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:20 am

I only have one candle, for the goddess, on my 'altar'. Really, an altar is a form of sacred space open to wide interpretation. It can be [should be] highly personalized for you. Right now I set up on the island in my kitchen because it is at a height that I can stand & dance throughout a ritual while still keeping my open flame free from setting something on fire. I just start with a clean, bare surface. But you can practice anywhere on anything, to my mind.
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Re: An altar question.

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:26 am

We can do spells anywhere at any time so that suggests the altar isn't a requirement to do a spell. The structures used in Wicca are guidelines for getting good results, shaping energy & focusing thought. Altars honor the Divine in Nature of Land, Sea & Sky and Fire is of the gods. Gear represents the Deities & Nature: wand-air, blade-fire, cup-water, pentacle-earth. Phalic & womb-shapes symbolize deities. We can repurpose household & natural items & use our fingers to point with for a discreet altar.

.Start-up gear: Heat-safe incense/burning bowl, candle holders, libation cup/dish rep air, fire, water, earth
.Supplies - incense or aerosol - candles & oil - potion or libation - salt & herbs represent air - fire - water - earth

Layout: (passive) Goddess candle, Earth & Water symbols on left; (active) God candle, Air & Fire symbols on right;
& a workspace between polarities aids spells.

About Spells:
. Keep the altar elementally balanced for good results
. Select spell materials that feel related to the goal by element, property, scent, color, appearance or symbolism
. Passive earth & water pacify conditions, active air & fire activate conditions.
. Breathe & center, pulling power on the breath from earth & sky into the belly.
. Think of the goal &, as you exhale, push focused energy from the belly & INTO the spell object thru your hands.
. Set intent with positive, present-tense phrasing like "I have X" and "X is", & don't say what you don't want.
. Adding "and it harm none, so be it done" can safeguard against misfires.
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