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All Them Witches

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All Them Witches

Postby Blu-Luna » Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:04 pm

I don't if it is because I am always looking up witchy things on YouTube, but a really rockin band from Tennessee came up on my playlist: All Them Witches! I gotta tell any rockers out there to give them a listen if you have not yet because they seriously ROCK!!!
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Re: All Them Witches

Postby firebirdflys » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:23 pm

Ummmmm, oh-my-god.
I am pleasantly astounded. :surprisedwitch:
One song was reminiscent of a Robin Trower type energy. But they really have their own sound (and I think they missed their era) Nice find Blu-Luna! thanks for sharing.
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