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3rd party tarot card readings

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3rd party tarot card readings

Postby RosieMoonflower » Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:30 pm

So, I am working on writing down my tarot "code of ethics" if you will, and I want to ask you all, how do you handle 3rd party questions? Some people seem to not want to touch them at all. The way I'm seeing it right now is like this: if someone comes to you and says "tell me if my husband is cheating on me" then that's an obvious "no". It's finding out what party 3 wants to keep a secret and even involves party 4, the person that he is cheating with.

However, I once saw a tarot card reader because of a relationship that I was confused about. I wanted to be in a relationship with a man who saw me more as a friend. I wanted to know if he would ever see me like that, because I was becoming emotionally involved just being friends and he was sending me mixed signals. She told me that our relationship would fade off until it was non-existent. Then she told me that it would be for the best because I would meet someone else.

I don't know why but I truly think that it helped me when the relationship did truly fizzle into nothing because I believed her that it was for the best. When you loose a relationship you always tell yourself it's for the best, but deep down you don't really know. In this case, I knew the reader was very good and usually spot on, so I believed her and I moved on without too much heartache. Because of that I say some 3rd party readings are okay and even helpful.

So my question again is, where do you draw the line on 3rd party readings? What do you find acceptable, and not? Thanks to all who reply!

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Re: 3rd party tarot card readings

Postby Kassandra » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:53 pm


I know it might seem like the more acceptable answer would be, "just stay out of it," and if there were a lot of palpable animosity you could sense, then perhaps that'd be the best option. It seems like it could make you feel like a snoop, like a nosey person, a low-brow psychic. It would seem that way.

But I remember doing a "is my spouse cheating on me?" reading once and it was a very good experience, believe it or not. Usually the person already knows. They'd just like another set of eyes on the situation. Without any prompts from her, just the question and nothing more, I gave her a detailed description of what I "saw" of the situation energetically, what I saw of her, what I saw of him, and what I saw of their combined energies (which can look like an actual person, a third party). The reading was accurate enough to where she expressed feeling relieved, believe it or not (the spouse was in the proverbial, sowing one's oats, "mid-life crisis mode"). With the confirmation, she could plan her exit accordingly, with peace and acceptance.

Before doing the reading, feel the individual(s) involved out first. If they're all crazy and everything ("Aaargh, what could I do to get back at her for cheating on me?!!"), acting vampiric and mean-spirited, personally I'd politely decline doing such a reading. People like that have very little potential for self-growth. Their locus of control remains as outside of themselves as it was when they were children. With spirits like vinegar, they will turn their anger on you if you don't answer with responses they want to hear. They'll "But...but...but" you to death. Last thing folks like that need to be doing is dabbling in psychic readings, witchcraft spells, etc. They'd be better served with some therapy to help them peer into their own shadows, see what's (obviously) moving around causing havoc in there.

So I think, as with all things of this nature, take each reading request on a case by case basis. Do the ones you feel comfortable doing, politely decline the ones you don't feel comfortable doing. If you do choose to do it, be totally honest about what you see. Try to avoid beating around the bush, sugarcoating, and so on, as that's a waste of everybody's time. At the same time, however, be tactful, say things as you'd like them said for you if you were in that person's shoes, with compassion and empathy, and humor if you could pull it off. Honesty is the best policy. If the person is acting like an adult, he or she can take the truth. Like I said, chances are they've already known the answer, just needed another set of eyes.

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